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VEMS V3.8 Firmware 1.2.38 VemsTune 1.5.55

AI Multiplexer CH A1: calibration mode: curve --> no function; I belive it to be a mixed up variable in the definition: demuxed_chA1_cal-mat; I think it needs to be mat-demuxed_chA1_cal

Full setup: MembersPage/MarcelWolf

thanks a lot for the fast fix. Works fine right now :)


I suspect I found a trivial bug. I worked on a drag race car with automatic transmission with trans brake.

I used a free ignition output to activate the TB solenoid, and inverted the output for normal operation. The output signals an SSR to provide power to the TB solenoid. A regular relay in series provides power to the SSR on the press of the TB button.

When I used a "misc output" function to control the output the SSR activated on ECU powerup. Great.

With "trans brake creep" function the output never goes inverted until after I activate the chosen input for the function, that means you can't get the TB solenoid active until you have used the creep function for the first time, the TB solenoid is needed to engage reverse gear so it is not only used on the starting line of the drag race.

Q': Is this bug fixed in more recent firmware than 1.2.31 ?

[vemslog fw 1.2.31 ]

A: This trans brake initial output state set was reported earlier, but thanks for your detailed report! It has been fixed and is available in 1.2.38 firmware.


1.2.36 VT bug:

2014-07-01 (Mattias)

I'm running latest VemsTune 2014-05-09, with fw 1.2.27 in the ECU. When I change the trigger settings (just going from coil-type to missing tooth) the ECU disconnects and needs a power cycle for VemsTune to detect it again.

2014-06-29 (Mattias)

Android app connect = engine runs rough

Connecting VemsDisplay? Android app via bluetooth serial adapter to ECU causes engine to run rough/strange.

You can tell the engine starts misbehaving as soon as the app connects, long before values get displayed.

Some changes can help solve this:

I have also issued with corrupt data when using Vems BT adaptor.

Please see here.,2277.0.html

(fphil)(March. 16 2014) fw 1.2.22 - 23

Sensible discrepancy between the PW value from Vems and the PW calculated by VT ?

Hello Phil, could you please fire a bug or sharing report and link to sharing/bug report here providing insight into exactly where and when you see this discrepancy ? Thanks. - DB

Hello DB, I have just sent a VT report. I thought that everyone got the same issue and did not say more because this one is easy to check. Not the case apparently. - FPhil

Hello Phil, many issues depend on some exact combination of configuration and real-time variables which trigger it. When providing these in a matched set and pointing to the offending behavior it is much easier for us to review and trace.

Have reviewed your report and pinpointed some configuration error. Correcting this should solve the seen discrepancy. - Dave

(fphil)(Sept. 26 2013) fw 1.2.16 tested good so far

Yesterday, I tested good on the biturbo (Coil type trigger) fw 1.2.16 for a 20km run.

I went up to 6000rmp and 175 map without any misfires contrary to 1.2.15 2013-08-28

2013_03_24 Vemstune package downloads partially => incomplete (=> will not install... NSIS Error).

latest VEMSTUNE 7/30/12 has a bug. the left hand side column while viewing logs gets stuck and does not show the actual values when going over the log file.

please update and fix.

Press the Refresh button on VT Multigraph widgets (upper left corner of MultiGraph?, there are 2 arrow on the button)

Hardware: - usually wiring. These are normally answered even if you only use your MembersPage, but if you insist...

Config: please use your MembersPage where the full setup (engine, triggers, whatever related) is described

[Vemsdisplay] 3.2

Analog input channels are displayed (eg. oil pressure / oil temp / fuel pressure) according to the Ax+B linear scaling, as configured in VemsTune. The nonlinear curve should be also functional in next release.

Vemsdisplay 2.1 - run but no menu on ICS, on 2.3.5 works.

Vemsdisplay 2.0 - fail to start on android 4.0, logcat says application not found gauge table in gaugegroups.db. Seems to compatibility problem, with 2.3.5 works fine.

Many FW versions including 1.2.x

Tachometer output is not accurate... this was an issue in past FW versions too (I believe I first noticed this in the 1.1.6x FW's).

Actual RPM is > then what is shown on the Tacho output from VEMS. It seems to be non linear as well... the lower the RPM the less error/delta between the two.

Please fix this... this is basic, basic functionality that needs to work.

Thanks MembersPage/Sascha

1.1.98 onwards (1.2.00) - 2nd WBO2 calibration and free air/ O2 display. How to calibrate?. Sprocket

Somewhat is broken in 1.1.96 classical Auditrigger. Cranking before first sparks prolongs approximately twice more blank revolutions. I note that on two cars. and today downgraded last one to 1.1.95 - it clearly improves situation to common. GintsK?

Confirmed, 1.1.96 cranks much longer than 1.1.95 with the same config file. KeithJ?

Confirmed again, 1.1.96 takes noticeably longer time before starting compared to 1.1.95. Mattias S.

This is fixed in 1.1.99, but instead serial communications drops all the time. This makes tuning rather difficult. Everything is the same except for firmware version, switching back to 1.1.95 makes it work fine. KeithJ?

Something is still up with Auditrigger. Lots of misfires on 1.1.99+ for a config that works perfectly with 1.1.95. It acts like there is a rev limit way below the set point, and misfires really easily even at low RPMs.

1.1.95 now and running ok. However i see that the knock sensor features that were on 1.1.88 are now completely missing. Is there any options for knock sensing and updated settings that can make VEMS use the knock sensors adequately?


1.1.95 - No menu options for wheelspeed running latest nightly VT 7-12. Checked Firmware Parameters and it lists a 1 for PS2. I then downloaded both 'wheelspeed' & 'ps2' firmware to vems and neither of them showed a 0 for ps2.

1.1.94 - solved: use non-PS2 if wheelspeed is needed

THANKS> im going to go with 1.1.95 now. I thought i was supposed to use PS2 and not non-PS2(dont understand the difference). I would also appreciate if you could point out where to look for knock sensor settings for audi, as well as speed sensor settings for audi 5cyl engine. Thanks, Vasilis


1.1.88 knock_chan setting of 168 resulted in an increase in spark advance. vemslog and additional data here:

1.1.81 anytrim for boost do not work as expected. Boost target is boost dependant. Here is deeper description + real life and bench test .vemslog,1490.0.html GintsK?

Thanks for the Error report, problem found and fixed in Fw 1.1.86

1.1.75 and up

Trying pure alpha-n without using map signal. It was believed an VE (TPS/RPM table) interpolation problem:

more info here:,1774.0.html

Solution: Dynamic VE table in group

Dynamic VE table means automatically change the Y axis based on current config Speed-density or Alpha-N.

To use it in a group properly you have to select Edit Mode and add Super table or Super Table 3D instead of Table and Table 3D

Problem with sd logging in 1.1.85. The Rpm and map values logged corruptly with sd log, when normal VT log seems fine:

sd log file:

vemstune log file: