For the ECU to be useful, it needs to be accessible to the people using it. Tuners and car-geeks are the likely users here, so we need to be accessible to non-computer folks. From discussions on MS lists and with people in "meat space" they want something that is plug'n'play - even telling people how to set up their COM ports to get the ECU talking is getting confusing. We need something that is both self-configuring, and portable across a range of platforms and devices.

Currently we're using RS232 serial. Unfortunately, it's a dying standard in the consumer electronics scene. It works well enough, but just isn't available on a lot of new systems that might be used for tuning or datalogging. The chances of Joe Tuner being able to buy a new laptop or PDA that supports it "out of the box" are deminishing daily. RS232 serial has an advantage of being cheap, easy, and proven, but more modern and user friendly options are out there.


Some alternatives for possible v4 integration are: