Subaru Trigger is about the subaru 6+7 trigger (6 tooth crankwheel and 7 tooth camwheel)

2001 and newer Impreza WRX have a 36-2-2-2 InputTrigger/SubaruThirtySixMinusTwoMinusTwoMinusTwo crank trigger which is also implemented.

Works with the (pictures at the bottom) 6 tooth crankwheel and 7 tooth camwheel.

360 teeth not supported - the rest needs clarification. (separate page?)

Q: Any ideas how to make it work with genboar v3.0??

A: the 360-3 tooth crankwheel is definitely more than what current firmware can handle

Supported :

Newer subarus (Legacy mark1) have triggers like these:

[Cam Sensor]

[Crank Sensor]

7 tooth cam wheel:


6 tooth crank wheel: