Subaru H6 engine factory trigger (engine position sensors)

Do the Subaru H6 engines use HALL,HALL,HALL position sensors ?

InputTrigger/SubaruThirtySixMinusTwoMinusTwoMinusTwo (that has been supported for a long time) is very similar, but Subaru Engine H6 pattern is actually different (19, missing, 10, missing,missing) and this very arrangement only supported from firmware 1.2.12

Easy to start from a 4 cyl config and select "Triggersettings Subaru 36-2-2-2 (H6)" on the bottom of "primary trigger dialog" (VemsTune >= 2013-03-07), but if you have old "subaru 36-2-2-2 with camsync" config, the main setting to change is (IMPORTANT):

"Ignore sectrig pulses above" = 94

From 1.2.12 most likely other patterns of the same concept are also supported with proper config (with or without camsync, but normally used with camsync - essential for VVTI anyway).

Patterns, configfiles, etc...

[H6 Benchtest related files] - including config, log while running, and triggerlog

Engine works! However there quite often camshaft angle measurement jumps for huge angle like it would be measured in previous half-cycle. But it happens only at low rews <2500.

Here is my trigger settings Copy it under C:\Program Files (x86)\VemsTune-xxxx\configlets\trigger and then trigger config is accessible from drop-down menu. Left camshaft sensor as primary. Tooth 0 in ref table belongs to 6th cyl.

Two triggerlog files for old "dumb" H6 (== non-vvt ?, or captured with cams fully retarded ?). Files are captured with falling/rising secondary (HALL type)

Picture shows difference between both above files:


Note: the sectrig pulse (should come every 2nd crankrot!) is watched in the ~100 crankdeg window before the "lonely tooth" (assuming "Ignore sectrig pulses above" = 94).

Therefore the edge (especially sectrig edge, if sectrig is used) should be selected to match the BOTTOM picture (Gints, is that Rising or falling edge ?)