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GenBoard does not know much about your intake runners and valves, except higher VE values are configured for better flowing setups. Also, some setups might need some actuation, like variable intake systems (see InTake/VariableIntake) that vary the length of runners or apply other tricks to utilize resonance for better airflow in some RPM ranges.

Most home-builders use TurboChargers to push more air into the cylinder, since it gives much more benefit for less work, but others are experimenting on tricky intake air tuning because of racing regulations, fast response (no turbo-lag) or just for fun.

home-made manifolds


how to find throttle bodies on ("Drosselklappe" or "Drosselklappenstutzen")

On is easy, but often they only ship to US.

Usually quad gsxr bodies are under 100 Euro. Carburator("Vergaser") is not that good (or is it easy to use them??). Marcell's 4 cyl 1.6L GM engine has 257/3=85.66 mm centerline between cyls (IIRC all 4-runner ITB-s are close to that).

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