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Nice to have

Pedal position sensor

Multiple throttle pedal position sensors and break sensor signal (available to the ECM of course) are a must => so a very reliable "effective TPPS" can be maintained with some fault tolerancy. With an electronic throttle-plate (an air-valve larger than an idle-valve) with a bad pedal position input only redline fuelcut will stop the RPM-rise or a brick wall. With the break-sense the ECM can enter idle-condition so the overrun fuelcut (much below redline) will make it somewhat safer.

LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer)

[how a LVDT works]

For fully throttle-by-wire a [pedal-position sensor] is used.

Note: throttle-by-wire can be very dangerous especially for an AutoTrans equipped car if not done with same care and redundancy as aviation control equipments.


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