My first page here will be actually my last project. It's a small car made in Serbia with well known c20let engine from Opel Calibra turbo. Goal was to make a car run as it should with Vems in less than ten days (tenth day was drag race in Osijek, CRO). All wirings were made according to Phat Bob guide, like all others car I installed Vems before, luckily without any problems. Harness was made of 0.75mm2 automotive grade wire, with exception of ground wire 6mm2.

MAP and MAT sensor used for this install was Bosch 0 281 002 401, same from webshop, with difference in range of it. In webshop you can find it's 300kPa sensor, while actually its 330kPa sensor.

Primary trigger

Secondary trigger was taken from Astra F GSI which uses DIS module.

Ignition subsystem was wasted spark DIS module droven with two IGBTs.

Injection was fully sequential, made also according to PhatBob? guide, with Siemens DEKA 630cc injectors used, and with 30v flyback diode installed.

Firmware used in this case was 1.0.78 because of possibility of using ignition retarding when using NOS, with only input configured.

Two more inputs were used for launch control and flat shift (aka shift cut), configured to cut only spark while shifting gear, with 250mS used as longest period of cutting. Be careful when playing with launch control, you could destroy your exhaust system, dramatically shorten turbos life and make very high EGT