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VAG VW/Skoda Durable, logic level input (works with 5V through 510 Ohm)

  • 99e plus VAT in Germany
  • available from Beru, bosch, febi, hella...

We ruined one of the 2 drivers in a coilpack by applying bad pinout (as it turned out later, gnd to an input, and +12V to gnd, ouch). So take care. Verify in autodata or other sources if possible

Than Sami found the pin in some autodata application (maybe Golf, GTI, R32, 2.0L 1999 - 2001 ?) which turned out to work:

Bosch 0221503011



We found matching connector housing, although a bit expensive (will look for a better price >100 pieces). In the meantime, we don't have the source for the transformer any longer.

4 pin, 5mm pad-pad (yes, smaller than the more common 6mm design applied for JPT) apparently Junior Power Timer.

Tyco had no idea about it.


Beware that 3 and 4 are connected, so they must be supply:

Bosch data sheets

3x2 coil : 0 221 503 002

2x2 coil : 0 221 503 407

The Webshop does not sell a connector housing for the 3X2 coil.

I found that the Bosch part number 1287013900 works for this coil.

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