Sparkplug related (subpage of IgnitionPage)

To avoid fooling platinum electrode (or traditional cold) sparkplugs (with the freshly started engine, untuned maps), often traditional sparkplugs are used to get the engine idle (and tuned at low loads) and start well. Than, before tuning serious boost, the plugs must be upgraded to proper sparkplugs (warm plugs at high boost will result in detonation, not good).

While platinum electrode sparkplugs generally have much higher lifetime than traditional plugs, care is always needed to use proper heatrange for the given application.

See [ Bosch platinum electrode sparkplug]

Small table of Bosch sparkplugs


087712-07 	IXU01-31 	  -	  -
4417 	PK20PR11 	IK20 	VK20 
4418 	PK16PR (L) 11 	IK16 	VK16 
4419 	 	  -	  -
4428 	PKJ16CR-L11 	IK16 	VK16 
4448 	ITF16 	ITF16 	  -
4449 	ITF16 	ITF16 	  -
4457 	VT20 	IT20 	VT20 
4458 	PT16EPR-L13 	IT16 	VT16 
4459 	PT16EPR-L13 	IT16 	VT16 
4469 	PT16EPR-L13 	IT16 	VT16 
4477 	P20PR11 	IW20 	VW20 
4478 	P16PR11 	IW16 	VW16 
4479 	  -	  -	  -
D10BC 	MA16P-U 	  -	  -
D6BC 	MA20P-U 	  -	  -
D7AC 	MA20R-U 	  -	  -
D7BC 	MA20P-U 	  -	  -
D8AC 	MA16R-U 	  -	  -
D8BC 	MA16P-U 	  -	  -
D9BC 	MA16P-U 	  -	  -
DR10BC 	MA16PR-U 	  -	  -
DR6BC 	MA20PR-U 	  -	  -
DR6BP 	MA20PR-U 	  -	  -
DR7BC 	MA20PR-U 	  -	  -
DR8BC 	MA16PR-U 	  -	  -
DR8BP 	MA16PR-U 	  -	  -
DR9BC 	MA16PR-U 	  -	  -
F3CS 	IK27 	IK27 	  -
F3CS 	IQ27 	IQ27 	  -
F4CS 	IK24 	IK24 	  -
F5DC 	K22PR-U 	IK22 	VK22 
F5DPOR 	IK22 	IK22 	VK22 
F5DTC 	K22PB 	IK22 	VK22 
F6DC 	K20P-U 	IK20 	VK20 
F6DCOR 	K20P-U 	IK20 	VK20 
F6DCX 	K20P-U11 	IK20 	VK20 
F6DP 	IK20 	IK20 	VK20 
F6DPX 	IK20 	IK20 	VK20 
F6DSR 	IK20 	IK20 	VK20 
F6DTC 	K20PBR 	IK20 	VK20 
F6LTCR 	K20PBR 	IK20 	VK20 
F6MPP332 	VKH20 	IKH20 	VKH20 
F7DC 	K20P-U 	IK20 	VK20 
F7DCO 	K20P-U 	IK20 	VK20 
F7DCOR 	K20P-U 	IK20 	VK20 
F7DCR4 	K20P-U 	IK20 	VK20 
F7DCX 	K20P-U11 	IK20 	VK20 
F7DP 	IK20 	IK20 	VK20 
F7DPER 	PK20PR-P8 	IK20 	VK20
F7DPP222T 	Pk20PR-P8 	IK20 	VK20 
F7DPP332 	PK20PR11 	IK20 	VK20 
F7KPP332U 	VK20 	IK20 	VK20 
F7KTCR 	K20PBR-S10 	IK20 	VK20 
F7LCR 	KJ20CR11 	IK20 	VK20 
F7LDCR 	K20TXR 	IK20 	VK20 
F7LTCR 	K20PBR-S10 	IK20 	VK20 
F8DC 	K16P-U11 	IK16 	VK16 
F8DC4 	K16P-U11 	IK16 	VK16 
F8DCO 	K16P-U11 	IK16 	VK16 
F8DPER 	PK16PR (L) 11 	IK16 	VK16 
F8KTCR 	K20PBR-S10 	IK20 	VK20 
F8LCR 	KJ16CR11 	IK16 	VK16 
F8LCR2 	KJ16CR11 	IK16 	VK16 
F9DCO 	K16-U11 	IK16 	VK16 
F9LCR 	KJ14CR11 	  -	  -
FDR7DQP 	  -	  -	  -
FGR5KQEO 	IK22 	IK22 	VK22 
FGR6HQEO 	K20PBR-S10 	IK20 	VK20 
FGR6KQC 	K20PBR-S10 	IK20 	VK20 
FGR6KQE 	K20PBR-S10 	IK20 	VK20 
FGR7DQP 	K20TXR 	IK20 	VK20 
FGR7HQPE 	  -	IK20 	VK20 
FGR7KQE 	K20PBR-S10 	IK20 	VK20 
FGR7MQR 	  -	  -	 
FGR8KQC 	  -	IK16 	VK16 
FGR8KQEO 	  -	IK16 	VK16 
FLR9LTE 	  -	  -	  -
FQR8LE2 	KJ16CR-L11 	IK16 	VK16 
FR10DC 	K16PR-U 	IK16 	VK16 
FR10DCX 	K16PR-U11 	IK16 	VK16 
FR56 	  -	  -	  -
FR5DC 	K22PR-U 	IK22 	VK22 
FR5DP 	IK22 	IK22 	VK22 
FR5DP1 	IK22 	IK22 	VK22 
FR5DP1X 	IK22 	IK22 	VK22 
FR5DTC 	K22PBR-S 	IK22 	VK22 
FR6DC 	K20PR-U 	IK20 	VK20 
FR6DC2 	K20PR-U 	IK20 	VK20 
FR6DCX 	K20PR-U11 	IK20 	VK20 
FR6DDC 	K22TMR11 	IK22 	VK22 
FR6DP 	IK20 	IK20 	VK20 
FR6DP1 	IK20 	IK20 	VK20 
FR6DP1X 	IK20 	IK20 	VK20 
FR6DPX 	IK20 	IK20 	VK20 
FR6DS 	IK20 	IK20 	VK20