This page documents several types of coil over plug items.


I've got some COPs for a Subaru. Here is an [hi-rez image]

Part number: 22433AA330


Diamond (denso logo; made in Japan) F-645 12V

Use with transistor ignition

9002530 (this is a build or serial number as they are all different)

There are 2 wires on the unit. Yellow and red. Resistance is 0.9 ohms - in both directions (?).

There is infinite resistance between the ground screw and either of the 2 leads. Very likely, this must be a dumb coil.

Can you measure inductance? Apply 0.8 .. 1msec dwell (first, only increase dwell if results justify) (with some sparkgap there) and measure current rampup with scope or DVM (check DummyIgnition):


Part number: 22433AA421

Diamond FK0140 is used on many Subaru models:


Dwell is said to be 3 ms according to [Link Electrosystems], along with a suppression capacitor. It is a 3-pin design with internal ignitor:

COIL ON PLUG FK0140 Features:


Output Voltage Spark Energy
Primary Break Current Output Voltage Secondary Spark Energy @ Vz = 1,000 Volts
 25pF Load25p-1M LoadRise Time*CurrentDurationEnergy
6A28 KV19 KV11.2 usec53 mA1.0 ms22 mJ
8A33 KV23 KV10.2 usec67 mA1.1 ms28 mJ
Open Circuit Voltage: 39 KV @ 6 break Amps 44 KV @ 8 break Amps


How best to drive this one?




The above is active coil, since it has the switching internally.

1J0 973 724 is the 4-pin plug for the VW coil

4D0 906 232 is the 3-pin plug for the VW coil

For passive coils (ment for inductive apps), you can measure appr 0.4 .. 1 Ohm on the primary winding (at least in one polarity, but usually both)

I heard some of these part numbers might be the connector, not the transformer. Double check.

The coil in the 1.8T 20V (1998-2001) is called 058 905 105 (3-pin?).

I think Dave, Jorgen and Sly collected info about many (mainly VAG) TODO: find it in the wiki and move or link. I'm afraid they dumped it (zzz) to some MembersPage (or even irc).

A [A4 schematic] that uses these kind of transformers.


Has anyone successfully used these coils?

The pinout is as follows :

Note :

Coming next :

vagkort3-600x600.jpg vagkort2-600x600.jpg vagkort1-600x600.jpg


Does anyone have pin out and charge time information? For VAG coils 0 221 604 109 / 06H 905 115

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