Exhaust Gas Processing, Recirculation and Recycling as suggested for application in the GoBox line of Low Fuel Consumption Vehicles


Exhaust Gas Recirculation is a common technology to make

It dates back to 1940 or earlier.

how does it work? how is EGR related to water injection ?

EGR is a practical cousin of water injection. EGR puts H2O, CO2 and some CxHx? (back) into the intake.

The water in the intake gases take part in the combustion process - it is not inert as one would think (TODO: link the paper).

EGR vs. water injection:

unclear section

We anticipate to find a similar condition in the lean burn water and hydrogen (electrolysis gas) injected Motor like specified by GoBox/WaterCar.

So there are two things we want to do: