Is anyone interested in attending the Hungarian GP on the 15th of August? Marcell live nearby and has offered to be our host! We need to get our tickets soon; the ticket prices tend to increase, as we get closer to the event.

There has also been some talk about a weekend of fun in try to make some progress with our projects.

Copenhagen. I?m not sure if this means that we will drink ourselves shit-faced or if we will try to be civilized and also

There is a Motor Festival here in Gothenburg the 12th to 20th of June. Nothing fancy but there is much more racing activity then usual. Unfortunately I can only host a barbeque, my house is not suitable for humans:(

If you feel like hosting or arranging a get-together (big or small) just add it here!

J├Ârgen Karlsson

Gothenburg, Sweden.

Just a FYI for all those in North America (or visitors of course!) I'll be at the Canadian GP in Montreal on June 10,12,13 (10th is open house). I live about 90 minutes from the track, and have a couch and inflatable bed avail. The race is sold out for this year, but there's a standing invitation. I go every year. :-)

BTW Jorgen: I would LOVE to meet up with a bunch of us somewhere sometime. I'd have to plan ahead significantly though.


I'd love to make it out to meet up with you guys. Ottawa is only 2h away from Montreal


If you want to come to Ensenada, Baja California for the June 4-6 - I can recommend some great free camping and will show you around - Tobias