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See GenBoard/Manual/EcuEcTen for EC10 connector from VEMS ECU (not to be confused with the EC10 between GenBoard/Manual/MainWiringDiagrams/RelayPart and main harness).

Links to generic installation wiring diagrams

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Harness Discussion

Fully customized harness would be too long latency (also, costly). 1 or 2 types of "fits all" harness that is easy to apply for almost any install. Write your opinion below

Common characteristics

Type-F - old. Phased out, in favor of the more versatile "v3harness"

Made in EU (a plan making automotive harnesses). Work quality is very professional. Some recommended aircraft grade wires instead of automotive. For now, they use the same wires as for Audi, VolksWagen? and other manufacturers.

Photo of Type-F0:


Type-F1 is available in WebShop, as [Loom Connectr/bigharness], best suited for 4 cyl engines.

PDF schematics:

Type-V available as [v3harness]


[schematics and color dictionary] (the partner used Hungarian colors and some words on the schematic). Eg. "rele"=relay


Possible other options - Jap fuel injector connectors

The fuel injectors on all the Japanese cars that I've done are never the Bosch type. I have to peel back the insulation, splice the rounded injector connectors on, and piece it all back together.


V3 harness QA checklist

Needed Wiring Diagrams (all are explained, but schematics ain't hurt)

Note that injection wiring is independent from ignition, so if you list 4 ignition types and 2 injection, it does not make sense to convolute them (make 2*4 drawing).

We do not want to promote batch injection (it only has disadvantages, many small ones that one can live with, but why?). Otherwise the wiring schematic for batch injection is trivial. Enough to show sequential wiring.

Vw corrado Wiring Diagram.

This diagram can be used to a lot of German cars [Wiring Diagram]

You can get the source code CDR file here with all the images

[[Manual: Basics.Install.Mechanic]]

Program to create wiring diagrams

[[Manual: Basics.Install.Mechanic]]

The schematic an early harness was made from (several changes applied over time, and the number of extra outputs were bumped up by more than +8 by now) :


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