Most aftermarket engine management systems accept a voltage signal from a standalone wide band lambda meter. These are the most common:

0.65v=lamba0.65, 1v=lambda1 2v=lambda2 (1v/lambda) Most proffesional meters use this. For example ETAS and Horriba.

0-5v= AFR10:1 - AFR20:1 (Haltech, M&W among others)

0-1v= AFR10:1 - AFR30:1 (Autronic)

We need to be able to output the mixture information in all of the above formats.

It would be useful to log an external lambda meter with EBP compensation at the same time as the V3 to calibrate the pressure dependency. At low EBP the Bosch datasheet is pretty authentic, no professional meter would invalidate that.

On the other hand, for special fuels (the Bosch datasheet says "application specific measurements are needed") it would make sense to compare with the professional meters (that might also output junk, but at least we know the difference).