after a discussion on IRC a few guys agrees that we need to improve the testing of firmware and handle releases in a better way.

We have a documented release system in firmware_revision.h, which basically is split into three decimal numbers

changes config variables and affects tuning software
  • If this number is not incremented, a new version will work with older tuning program
Warning: This system does not affect 1.0.xx firmware

For this system to work, I think we should assign a testing team and release executives, who can flag that a version is stable and ready for the users. This guy is preferrably not directly involved with programming, but of course cooperates on a close level.

Any suggestions for test plan and possible candidates for a team leader / release executive are welcome on this page.

Possible candidates for the executive post


People willing to join the testing team, and devote some time to perform the future test plan for each release


Test plan proposal