LCD related

PID integral railing indicator

could be a 1 or 2-char indicator:

state2-char version1-char
rail negative '- ' '-'
not railing ' ' ' '
railing positive ' +' '+'

Would be very useful when tuning PIDs, such as

Each on the relevant tuning page.

An extract-display could show all PIDs, eg.


'+ -?'

(above looks reasonable with proportional fonts only)

common maintenance for 4x20 and 2x20 displays - commited to STABLE1_0 , ready for review and testing

DONE: Change lcd_pw() to display in 10usec units - commited to head and STABLE1_0

Originally 4 usec resolution.

Something like this (you can commit to CVS after testing):

uint16_t t = inj_port[0].pwcalc;
int2BCDn( mult16_8( t, 102) >> 8, lcd.next_pos, BCD_DIGIT4);

There was a proposal to display duty, not PW.

PW is better IMHO (10 usec resolution, not 4) because duty will flicker with RPM or MAP change (quite unreadable, I had it earlier).

Consider PW at low power and duty above 4000 RPM and 60kPa, with a % sign making difference.

Since one knows the RPM at max power, it's very easy to know which is the limit PW value:

Keep 93.0 in head (max duty %) or 920 (max PW for same in 10 usec resolution) costs the same, but PW is readable, duty is not. If (on a system with a digital display) duty does not change irritatingly for any RPM / MAP it's a cheat. Duty would be good on analog display though.

EGT1:xxxx Egt2:xxxx (celsius)

Or somethig like this:

EGT:xxxx C x.xx V (This is only displays the EGT1 channel.)

Or there could be made a new page, that is the same as the page0, only the last line could be modified to display the EGT temperatures. I think this could be the best solution. EGT is very necessary, you should always be watching it, while driving/tuning.

Emil had a good thought (unfortunately instead of writing here, he wrote it on a piece of paper and put into a bottle that he threw into the sea /irc/.. I was lucky to find it.. ) : the max EGT (in the last ... time-window /consumes RAM/ or a peak function that climbs immediately, but falls slowly /RAM friendly/) should be displayed, because short peaks of EGT should NOT be unnoticed.

That might suit other variables as well, ideas?

This idea is brilliant!Displaying the current EGT, and the max EGT of the last few minutes.Great!Congratulation:))

proposed config variables:

Suggestion for Page0 layout:

RPM:1503 T32 P175

CLT:35C TPS:47%

Inj:67% IGN:22 KR:0

AFR:13.5 (13.7) <diag>


RPM:1503 T32 P175

CLT:35C TPS:47%

Inj:67% IGN:22 KR:0

L:0.92 (0.93) <diag>

Where L is the lambda symbol if it is available in the LCD.

The target value is in parenthesis like (0.93).

Maybe we can change to 32C (instead of T32) and 175k instead of P175. I'm really not sure which is eaiest to read.

Inj= Injector duty, %.

IGN= Ignition advance, degrees.

KR= Knock retard, degrees.

<diag>= some flags that can be of interest:

This looks like a good page layout, but i would prefer this line

C:42C T:45% E:1000C , where E either is current EGT or peak EGT

And i also like the lambda output instead of AFR..


I had a thought about LCD pages, and about how to deal with different LCD sizes. One possibility is to limit pages to 2x16 size, and have the larger displays combine them x2 or x4. The advantage being the same pages can be used regardless of LCD size selected. The disadvantage is less effective use of screen area. More concise labels might help, but readability can become a factor.

These 4 pages on 2x16...

|----------------|      |----------------|  
|  Water: 76°C   |      |    IAT: 25°C   |
|    Oil: 52°C   |      |     IC: 45°C   |
|----------------|      |----------------|

|----------------|      |----------------|  
|    EGT: 600°C  |      |    AFR: 13.2   |
|    CHT: 400°C  |      |    Adv: 4°     |
|----------------|      |----------------|

Would becomes this one page on 4x40...

|  Water: 76°C               IAT: 25°C   |
|    Oil: 52°C                IC: 45°C   |
|    EGT: 600°C              AFR: 13.2   |
|    CHT: 400°C              Adv: 4°     |

Maybe it would be better to target 2x20 as the smallest size, or aim for 3 columns of 12 instead...


Combined Output Light - COL

Not strictly LCD related, but ... Proposal for an output (eg. to drive a 10mm LED) that combines several functions

I think a separate shiftlight LED would be better And LDC displays the problematic variable In noisy racecars its hard to hear anything...

AIM dash

MembersPage/NanassyPeter/Status has some info (maybe we should move all related info to a dedicated page)


Unclear thing in the RS232 specs:

What discount they provide if we buy a few dashes, include the support in released firmware and advertise as compatible ?


We plan to buy one in the "near" future,so we will be able to test it.used AIM is avaible sometimes at, or at as new.


I installed VEMS on a Porsche 924 racecar that uses AIM MXL Strada dash, I could test it. It'd make a good use if it could utilize VEMS sensors even though it has it's own sensors installed for various temps, pressures etc, but option to use AIM dash via one cable would be very neat! MembersPage/PeepPaadam