GPS related subpage of GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmWare

GPS logging is implemented with PDA and PC, see PdaCockpit

It could make sense to capture the GPS when logging to SD card. Logging to SD card will be supported (blockwrite works, reading and output formatting must be added), but SD+GPS likely not in near future. The recommended method is to connect GPS to PC or PDA (not to the controller).

Mattias small development project


Use cases



There are several modules out there, some popular ones:

Above prices are wholesale purchase prices (1 Ft = 0.005 USD), without antenna, VAT, shipping, and support.

I propose Jason buys appr. 10..20 NMEA modules from ebay for WebShop (developers and finally anyone).

This module requires some simple glue circuitry like supply, voltage level conversion (max232) and initialization commands.

The NMEA device will output standard NMEA messages. They are meant for integration into a system, so setting them up to get the messages and the baud rates you desire may require some special code. There is no simple user's manual, the manuals are more like system spec. documents.

The NMEA message would look like:


An earlier format Marcell has seen and used is somewhat more dense:


but any format should do.

David Helland already has PCB and PCB design for the Falcom and uBlox receivers

Either David could easily revise to design to include this. Or we can design a new PCB (especially if it's for the NMEA), the circuitry sounds relatively simple.

David suggests: by the time you put all this together, you will be close to the price of off-the-shelf handheld GPS receivers (about $100 USD).

Marcell thinks this can be solved cheaper with our manufacturing capabilities if Q>40 (which it will be).


Remember that microwave antenna and cabling is always a pain.

Although it is possible to place the unit in GenBoard/VerThree Alubos case with an endplate-mounted connector, it's more efficient (and general! think: many customers for usage without v3.x) to get an appropriate box and use cable for serial conn + power rather than microwave.


Small offtheshelf box: suction type would be nice for mounting