GenBoard/VerThree input channels

We need a lot of inputs if we wish to integrate lots of functions. 1-wire daughterboard might be a solution but GenBoard/VerThree has some unused pins which are used as digital inputs.

Easy connection and configuration of these input pins is IMPORTANT!

I think we can activate the AVR's pullup resistor on the specific pin (if it's an AVR pin), and connect a simple switch between this pin and ground. Activated state means that pin is grounded (on logic level 0).

Functions that require input channel

These 2-state simple inputs are needed for some driver-controllable functions. For example:



MembersPage/RobertOffner came up with the idea of several digital inputs with a simple shift-register read via SPI (standard genboard feature).

Use two 4021 Shift Register.

A define used in my_make so you can search for "SHIFTREGISTER" to view all related code;

On LCD page 08 you can see the Status of the Inputs. The SCK line MUST BE INVERTED otherwise it will not work but further testing (maybe with the latest code) is necsessary.

EC pin candidates

Fortunately, the number of connector pins is far enough, because most people doesn't use

if you don't want to use them for their original function.

You could use the

available signals on the board

I've found only the following pins to use as digital inputs:

and, if you always prefer the BootLoader instead of ISP cable, you can use (on JP_ISPI connector):

[resistor network to connect several digital switches to an analog output]

Any other possible pins?

One way to do it would be to get the 1wire thing working. Or SLCAN (using UARTs in bus, with the CAN transceivers).

Then an infinite number of inputs could be added. Saves a lot of wires.

One often needs 1-2 more switches for something odd the owner dreams up. Launch control (could be triggered from the VSS sensor), water injection pressure input, nitrous pressure/temp sensors, high boost switch, boost knob (adjustable), race gas switch, clutch switch are all inputs I've been asked for.

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