We have implemented a tuner-configurable WOT output and two other complex (six parameter-defined) outputs.

Q: Do we need to add some more complex conditional outputs with a lot of parameters (unneeded in most cases), or create specialized config parameters to the specific functions?

Please write your needs below the switch conditions, and feel free to add new ones.

"Above a given RPM"-activated switch

Needed for:

"Above a given throttle position"-activated switch

Needed for:

"Above a given manifold pressure"-activated switch

Needed for:

"Above a given intake manifold temperature"-activated switch

Needed for:

As I see, the initial state of the document consists 6 simple (one variable changes one output pin) outputs. Every simple output needs three new config parameters:

  1. The limit of the given value
  2. The hysteresis (this one can be omitted if we use internal constants)
  3. The output pin configuration

Same output channel for 2 or more simple actuators

Can we configure the same output pin on 2 "switches"? To get for example over 200kPa and 100% TPS?

Currently not. Result would be undefined (PWMing would result where the execution order in firmware would determine ....). We could define what is the desired function (AND ? OR ?) for when 2 simple actuators are configured for the same output (or make that configurable too), and make the firmware detect that condition. Requires serious rewrite of the calculation => actuation code (which is fortunately very simple).