Versatile Engine Management System

VEMS gives you the full engine control that you need to bring out the best performance from your turbo/supercharged or normally aspirated engine.



VEMS can be configured to use almost any standard OEM sensor for

VEMS has the option of onboard or external Air pressure sensors, with a choice of the standard 250kpa(36psi) sensor, or the new 400kpa(58psi) pressure sensor for extreme high-boost applications.


Additionally VEMS also provides the ability to use far more advanced sensors such as

Fuel Injection Control

Using these sensors and sophisticated real-time software VEMS provides batch or sequential control of upto 8 banks of high or low impedence injectors (2-16Ohms) that means you can drive up to 16 injectors in almost any combination. This provides the versatility to phase injectors based on RPM or boost.

VEMS has very advanced injector control software that can be optimised to suit the characteristics of any injector.

The injector map is configurable with either 8x8 or 12x12 mapping points, with user definable pressure and rpm scales.

Ignition Control

Unlike most Engine Management Systems VEMS controls 1 to 8 coils directly, theres no need for an additional Transistor pack, or igniter. This means that VEMS can control any ignition configuration from a single coil driving a distributor, through wasted spark coil packs, and up to sequential firing coil on plug (COP) installations.

Fully adjustable dwell (coil charging) times mean that the spark control is optimised for any traditional coil. Optional specification means that newer coil's with built in igniters can be used too.

The ignition advance maps follow the same configuration specs as the fuel injection maps.

Additional Features

VEMS offers even more features than those listed above



For ease of use you can't beat a laptop though, for this VEMS uses the free MegaTune application which provides realtime tuning and datalogging capabilities. There are plenty of datalog analysis programs that use the MegaTune datalog format which provide the user with all they need to further fine tune their installation.

VEMS in action

VEMS hs quite a big following with the Scandinavian Volvo and BMW tuning crowd, where its advanced fuel, ignition, turbo control and unbeatable pricing make VEMS the perfect choice. You can see videos of some of these cars here: