GenBoard related pictures

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A box with transparent frontplate:


A box with DB connectors (for LCD, PS2) on the transparent endplate:


Non-standard GenBoard/VerThree (v3.0) installation with custom (Peugeout?) connector (see MembersPage/DaveBrul)


same series as above: 103.jpg 104.jpg 105.jpg

Some WebShop v3.3 (assembled in US, East-Coast)







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[more v3.2 images]

TODO: make a retouched v3.2 picture that labels the parts. - same way as it was for the v3.0 prototype.


Note that with only classical fuel injection functionality the board is almost empty: AVR + max232 + RCfilters + 2 smartFETs could almost fit into the DB37 housing. With LCD, PS2, WBO2 as on the picture, takes just tiny bit more space. Stepper driver, MAP-sensor, EGT, 1-wire, 2 channel VR-shaping, knock, extra analog inputs (diffAMPs for EGT, EBP, fuelpressure, whatever you like) and the extra 8channel 12 bit AD converter (the AVR has 8channel 10 bit internally) takes the other space on the left side, all the above take about 8x8 cm (40% of the classical unit).

The right side holds the large number of switches, 8 inj, 8 ign, 2 wbo2 heater, 2 extra power outputs, 8 low current (350 mA each) outputs for relays, small bulbs, LEDs, MSD module, etc... The TO220 FETs and IGBTs are mounted below the board, as on CaseAndMounting?, so they clamp nicely to the case, and clear a 2nd similar unit in the same case, making about 2*(20+8) available outputs altogether, quite an increase from the classical 2+3 outputs. Of course this many outputs (and calculations needed for the advanced functions) couldn't be handled with a limited uC, and only makes sense with the superior firmware.

The pads of a 18 and a 36 pin EconoSealIII connector are the biggest space-eaters at the bottom of the board. Sigh - professional system requires - at least the option of - professional automotive connectors. They support wiring to custom-pinout case mounted connectors too.

The 0805 SMD is very nice to work with. Much easier than throughole. It almost solderes itself. With the automated assembly it really solders itself :-)

Assembled boards from historical batch:

[ GenBoard v2.2 assembled with throughole components. Look very fragile compared to v3.0 :-) ]

[another angle]

[in case]


a branch from v2.2:


Unfortunately David Helland did not inform the group, so he spent a lot of work on an obsolete board (even though the result is nice). The same work would have been 100 times better spent on the GenBoard v3.0 with the team. Please see ListsAndForums