This page is only relevant to very few people, those who want wideband support on boards before v3.1

AfreshBoard This board was never released to the public (but internal proof-of concept): no documentation for it's WBO2 controller (current v3 code could work with some my_make defines).

Notes for v3.0 - v3.1 or later recommended

Unfortunately the OC3A RC filter was dropped from v3.0 at some phase before manufacturing. This was a bad idea. One can apply a little surgery to build it back, see GenBoard/Installation/WBOconnect?.

v3.1 has the OC3A (and OC3B for the 2nd WBO2 channel) filter onboard, perfect without any hack.

WideBand and GenBoard/VerTwo - not recommended

GenBoard/VerTwo is not capable of driving an LSU or NTK wideband oxygene (lambda) sensor directly because it lacks an onboard OPA. However it can use the (digital or analog) output of a WideBand O2, or even can control the heater and pump, so it is theoretically possible to build a (simple, uc-less) dumb WideBand O2 on another board (the developers did the same in the early days, but WBO2 code compatibility in firmare is not maintained for v2 timer/port mapping.

But v2+WideBand does not worth the effort (rather structure + clean-up the wideband pages or other significant documentation section) and get an assembled v3.1 circuit at 1/2 of WebShop price).

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