This page discusses air connections

The most frequently used sensor is the MPX4250AP (see WebShop). It mates with standard 6x4 (6mm external, 4 mm internal).

The higher temp, 180C capable tube is much more expensive than the 80C tube (7.8 Euro/m), but required for turbo systems.

There are 2 types of connectors:

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There is (currently) only a common connector-item in the WebShop, you can write the (reference name + size of) selected connector(s) in the order note.

reference name (without size) one side other side 3d side note
VVV vacuum-bearing vacuum-bearing vacuum-bearing popular T for MAP connection
VIV vacuum-bearing vacuum-bearing - popular lengthening or through a plate (eg. frontplate)
PPP pressure-bearing pressure-bearing pressure-bearing boost side only !!!
MV male thread vacuum-bearing - can be bolted into a body
VV vacuum-bearing vacuum-bearing - lengthening

AFAIK there is no clamp hose for the connection (eg. tube with MPX4250AP sensor) nor it is needed. (someone confirms?). It does not easily come off anyway.

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