This page explains how to compile firmware with WBO2 support

Make sure you read and understand

Adding WBO2 support to firmware is very simple. It needs to be defined in my_make. See GenBoard/Manual/Firmware for more info on compiling and uploading firmware.

enable WBO2 support in my_make

that's all you need to add (uncomment).

This enables support for 1 WBO2 channel, with default input and output mapping (that matches 1st onboard WBO2 channel).

These are default, so no need to uncomment:

using the 2nd channel's heater for WBO2

the 2nd WBO2 heater (FET) can be used easily (if the 1st heater FET is used for something else, or the 2nd is more convenient to install for some reason):

only for experts

If an experienced user wants to play mix and match, and change eg. input channel, he can do so, but care is needed to be consistent. The manual describes the default setup unless noted otherwise.

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