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The LSU4 sensor male connector housing has a resistor (min-max is 35-300 Ohm, but usually 90-190 Ohm): measure resistance between pin2 and pin6.

This is not a replacement for free-air calibration, just gives a starting value (so the best calibration value can be found faster).

Practical starting point from Rcal Ohm measurement:

These are decimal values. These are speculation, not measurement.

Some statistics from actualy calibration - show that higher calibration value is needed than the above table suggests

Free air calibration

The calibration parameter above should be fine tuned in free air without the sensor installed. In free air the LCD(or terminal Manmde02mll)O2% should read 2095 which is 20.95%. After the sensor is warmed up you can adjust the wbo2_calibration parameter up or down to increase or decrease the reading being displayed. For a sanity check it is good to let the sensor cool down and warm back up to make sure the reading is still at 2095.

Breath Test

After configuring the above free air reading, you can breath on the sensor and see the 02% go down 100-200 counts(1-2%) to varify that all is working well