Injector Timing (Injector Angle tune)

The injection end-angle is tunable from Firmware 1.1.80.

To disable this function use 720 degree everywhere.

Always set 720 deg for all channels when no camsync (injector angle adjustment requires camsync).

For this feature secondary trigger (camsync) is needed.

The injector angle curve shows the injecting end angle before TDC. (assuming the injector outputs match the relevant ignition output).

Injector actuation can be set from 210 to 720 degree before trigger tooth depends by Injector Angle curve. (lower than 210 is possible by rotating the injector output table, eg. by -180 deg or -120 deg for 4/6 cyls. But it matters little anyway to inject on closed valve or closed valve).

This feature is only avaliable to Primary injectors ( Staging injectors can not be delayed ).

The injector stop moments are tunable, but the minimum injector start moment is at trigger tooth.

If injector pulse width is higher then the configured delay, the injection starts at trigger tooth (not earlier), so the injector end-angle gets somewhat delayed.

Suggested value for new installs is between 210 and 370 degree BTDC.