Engine Parameters

This will be the primary source of out of bounds alerts.

CLT, EGT, WB O2, sensor short, Batt.

Again for the purposes of this project the ECU is not a Genboard. It is a Link LEM4 from Link Electo in New Zealand. This unit outputs a serial stream via a dedicated serial port. It is intended to use the second serial port on the Genboard as an input. The Genboard is then to "tack" this data onto the end of its own serial stream and output this to the waiting PDA. Little onboard Genboard processing is required.

Serial IO code is flexible to pretty much any requirement.

Bunderson Application Specific Requirements

Most commercially available aftermarket ECU’s stream data via a serial port. CAN bus does not appear to have been adopted by a majority of these manufacturers. The Link implemented in the Bunderson is no exception. The serial stream is output a 9600,8,n,1 and is in the following space delimited sentence construction.

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A point worth keeping in mind is that the Link uses non-RS232 serial comms natively (but probably FBUS ? see CommMatrix if unsure), with the SerialLink? being the serial to RS232 convertor (in WebShop this is called FBUS to RS232 cable. Should I send you a bunch?). We could probably read the line directly, although using RS232 allows us to ensure the Genboard works "generically".

Do I need to get the command statements from link, or will it still output the standard link sentence without prompting?

I think it'll be OK. Still, any info is worth having to help debugging and understanding what's going on.

Just attempted to get the command structure from Link. Unfortunately the owner stated it was confidential. However I was told to reverse engineer the commands, should be relatively easy to sniff. I could complete this task if you wish.

WB O2 and oil pressure are not provided in the Link ECU. These engine critical senors will be additionally inserted into the output stream using the Genboard as the signal conditioner.

Oil Pressure