First there was RS232 and God saw that it was good.

Some racers (and others) like internal logging: GenBoard/LoggerIntegration/MMC without carrying notebook or fragile PdaCockpit.

Text below is developer discussion - and partially obsolete

Memory devices with display

Palms and IPAQs can be bought for 100..200 Euro (or 400 Euros for brand new), they are the perfect choice for most (has nice color graphic display too!) but someone still might want lower weight/price/whatever.

I think that with those IPAQs nd Palms out there there is no reason to go far with graphic displays: I'd like to make IPAQ with GPS jacket to be the standard

<Jorgen_> Makes sense.

It's cheap, less work and serves logging/GPS very nice extra info for dyno, good display, useful for other stuff, etc...

TODO: also check the Nintendo Game Boy Advance they are cheap..

Note that some applications like VemsFrontier/ArmUfo are very price-sensitive especially for newbies. See SimpleUserInterface.

Other types of Flash:

Compactflash - Too many pins.

MembersPage/RichardBarrington is working on a logger. He said it's really simple - just an atmega8+max232+cf socket. Attiny was ruled out because FAT filesystem needs more ram.


  • EtherNut?

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