Old survey:

This page was a survey to estimate demand at the early stages before the test manufacturing run. Now that things are going routine we organized a WebShop to track orders.

This is the continuation of my multi-month thread started on the shopkeepers(hq) list: it is of critical importance to write a mail to these guys and oscommerce customers

See WebShop/UnderDevelopment

The mail-text should be written by a native speaker.

Who can I count on this?

Thinking of using v3.0. If it was an option (only C and N are available, see above):

A: ASAP (PCB + some components, but nothing soldered on)
B: AVR, max232 + base things soldered on (A,B are bargain)
C: the most Complete (assembled as reasonable, expect 170..199 Euro)
N: not urgent at all

If it's 70% that you'll want one, and 5% that you'll want 2 both as A, then write A0.8.

Alternatively - if you are too much worried about the spam-robots - you can write to pcb at x-dsl dot hu as on

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