Expansion Board for the underhood area

The intention is to make an external I/O board for Ver3 / Ver4 that hosts a number of high-end functions that does not fit on the other boards. It can also be used to collect all sensor information for the other modules and pass in on as a CAN data stream. The box must be built to withstand the environment in the engine compartment.

Dr Jekyll

Mr Hyde

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The Plan!

Combine Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on a single board for lots of features, but this would probally make this board too big for an easy fit underhood. So the Mr Hyde side of the board can be removed to make the board smaller

That will make:

What can it do?


Brainstorming area:

TODO: Decide wich MUX we connect to the OPA

For MUX info read page 7 of:

Other Issues:


The last 2 would make it a full EFI board:a standalone ECM that controlls 8x Injectors and directly 2x Ignition (indirectly 8x Ignition). This is dropped in wait for the plan of an I/O chip

Current Status:

multiplexing low level signals

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Recived MAX359CWE, just waiting on LT1882 so some testing can be done.. [This application note uses a MUX to OPA for measuring temperatures thru type K]


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