This page discusses the VE learn and other parameters than can be auto-tuned

[ [Manual: Detailed.Control.VE.Operate]]

The VE autotune was originally written for NarrowBand O2, but amazingly it needed no change for WBO2 (ego control needed to be prepared for WBO2 though). WideBand 02 based feedback and VE autotune is still experimental (do you know of a factory ECM that can do this? write below!).

[[Manual: Detailed.Control.VE.Config]]

The 'other autotunable parameters could be PortInjected/SequentialInjection injdegree: you can gain about 5% efficiency at idle and cruise, which in Europe (more tax on fuel) pays back several times... Injdegree needs to be optimized for minimal PW at a given (MAP, RPM) Only works in idle or CruiseControl mode, obviously (when output is constant).

I think using the WBO in combination with the EGT probe would be a verry powerful instrument to have.

BTW has the autotune feature :), its results are equal to an experianced average tuner.

Note that most commercial units that support WideBand input (which means they cannot control the WideBand sensor, but need a separate controller) have only one analog signal from the WideBand meter. This means that no confidence information is available. If the sensor is somehow bad (or just cold), the value shown by the meter will be stupid. On the other hand GenBoard/VerThree knows how well the heater and pump is on target, and can take those into consideration (decrease confidence, effectively stop feedback and learning from stupid input). It could also take EBP (exhaust back pressure) into consideration (and so some correction of lambda value), though this not implemented yet.

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