4A-GE ECU Pin out

Information to be distilled from here:

(NC) = No connection
RowTopVEMS ConnectionBottomVEMS Connection
1/7+B=+12v SwitchedEC36-Pin25+B=+12v SwitchedEC36-Pin25
2/7Batt=+12 Constant *W=Check engine light 
3/7*CC0=(Unknown) *EGW=(Unknown) 
4/7*FC=Fuel PumpEC36-Pin15*A/C=Air Con. Signal 
5/7*(NC) *SPD=Speed Limiter Input 
6/7*(NC) *FS=Main relay Fail Safe 
7/7*(NC) *VAF 
1/9THW=CLT SensorEC36-Pin14E2=Sensor groundEC36-Pin26
2/9PIM=MAP Sensor VTH=TPS WiperEC36-Pin1
3/9THA=IAT SensorEC36-Pin2VC=+5v outEC36-Pin28
4/9*T=(Unknown) IDL=Throttle closed switch 
5/9IGF=Ignition confirmed *(NC)
6/9G1=Dist. Timing rotorEC36-Pin13NE=Dist. Speed SensorEC36-Pin27
7/9G-=Dist. CommonEC36-Pin26E21=Sensor GroundEC36-Pin26
8/9*0X=O2 Sensor VF=Unknown) 
9/9*(NC) VSV1=TVIS butterflyEC36-Pin3
1/5*(NC) BF=Power Feed to InjectorsEC36-Pin23
2/5*MCHK E1=Ground to blockEC36-Pin5
3/5STA=Eng. Cranking Signal IGT=Igniter 
4/5#10=Fuel Injectors #20=Fuel Injectors 
5/5E01=Ground to blockEC36-Pin32E02=Ground to blockEC36-Pin21