hi, new here... I hope i've made the right post...


Mazda Mx5 2004 NB 1.6L VNT Turbo conversion. Drift car.

Current state:

- Installed GT1545 VNT turbo from 1.6hdi Engine.

- Boost pressure at 1800RPM is abs. 200kPa (Great low end torque).

- Wastegate because the turbo charges too much even in the "OFF" state.

- MAP sensor for the boost controller.

- Current boost pressure is abs. 140kPa, because the head is not raised yet.

- Added inline fuel pump 0580254044, fuel pressure 9bar to overdrive the stock injectors,

until I install the new 440cc 0280155968 injectors.


- Blow off because there is too much back pressure after full pressure.

- Intercooler...



- read the stock ECU dump file. (I can attach if someone needs it).

- Maing sure to be able to control VNT, WGT and BlowOff? with VEMS.

- Currently trying to get BOM and PCB files to make the v3.2 VEMS ECU. (short on money...)