Ignition module with dwell control, like MSD module

We calculate the spark advance and generate a pulse when we want the coil to fire, the module takes care of dwell control. (Most cars with hall effect distributors have these). This way we have to take care of the actual ignition timing (pulse generation relative to crank position): an InputTrigger sensor is needed for this.

Bosch Hall effect ignition module. For Bosch or OEM part numbers take a look at this website: http://www.transpo.de/cgi-win/product.exe?BM300

Electrical specs are here: http://www.transpo.de/catalog/E_specs/BM300.htm

A HEI setup is here: http://www.mrccos.com/scampbell/Ultra-Lite_to_MSnS.htm

Why is this page split? See DummyIgnition. The same settings will control modules fine that have dwell-control (actually, usually these modules follow the inferior analog-current-limit way, not real dwell, right?). You just need to configure a dwell value enough for your coil (4..7 msec should be enough for everyone) or slightly bigger if you're unsure.