Engine runs with tec 2 Engine management - should run with GenBoard soon in similar configuration


3 wire connection of the Magentic pickup:

It is theoretically OK to run the same signal to both GenBoard and tec 2 since VR- is connected to GND for each (not to 0.7V on one, and 0V on the other, for example).

This way GenBoard should read the signal while the car is running. I'll check RPM and also upload InputTrigger/TriggerLog so others can check too (eg. if VR is not accidentally inverted).

Remember there are 2 options for InputTrigger, HALL or VR. Check that your primarytrigger HW is set for VR (through the LM1815 circuit).

Check operation with OutputTrigger: it is very simple, and only takes a capacitor.

TEC2 input connectors:


GenBoard wiring harness I'm going to be using - except ground connections that are a bit mix-matched:


And here is my harness made by T3bunny




Searched and found a coil pack that should work with the setup i'm trying to do this coil pack has a 3 pins.


Trigger position

TDC on tooth11 (if tooth after the missing tooth is tooth0), which means 66 degrees.

that is 66 degrees total, what we wanted.

So that becomes:



3/10/05 at 5:38p.m I'm happy to say Genboard got a RPM signal from VR sensor.

3/12/05 I got the Genboard hooked up for Injection but the config files for injection won't allow my car to keep running pass 10 seconds. Tried to change setting in MT software but didn't work. Rebuilding Config and tables from TEC2 so it will be acle to keep the car running. I was using Dave Config and tables.


See HexaDecimal for basic info on hexadecimal numbers. You can use advanced mode of calc (xcalc, whatever appropriate) to verify conversion.

See global.h for meaning and units of variables (unit is very important).

GenBoard/Manual/Config/InjectorOpening related

PWM current Limit

See GenBoard/Manual/Tables for lambdacorr values.