Developer information - related to Tyco product search

I met the (Budapest, Hungary) Tyco representative, Mr. Morvai. Good news is he's much more helpful than earlier representative.

We discussed several tyco product families.

Earlier we thought that we might just be lame to use efficiently. It improved since 2003, but it turned it there are real problems with it. When confirmed, we will contact their webmaster.

The way we did our search with the representative:

They do have it, but only the WBO² side.

The ECU side has to come from Delphi. Even though they have some similar JPT housing

Price and shipping time for all parts must be queried individually for part number (usually 6..7 part numbers for a solution). Most of the time, shipping time is about 60 days, and MOQ is 100 for bigger parts, and 500..1000 for smaller thingy.

I was in tyco's Hungarian production plan (35km from Budapest). In the window I spotted a connector similar to the SAAB MPT/JPT combo but with more pins: about 60 MPT + 20 JPT (of course, there was no name or part number next to it and noone knew about it (only that it's probably produced there). It's a bit big, but what is worrying is that we didn't find it on website: this confirms that we have problems using website.

List of our favorite tyco part numbers

The way now is

If we can later parse pages like

We could keep a nice database of tyco items, even though tyco does not provide a convenient (XML) interface.

Tyco fun