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A very nice and economical sealed connector series for up to 15 (3x5) contacts, 19A each.

[parts that can be panel-mount or free-hanging]. Other than white is nice (white is too common, associates to the cheap computer supply connectors).

[Tyco Timer series overview]

Read below for timer connector applications that are essential. See SealedConnectors for applications where timer family is optional (such as ECM thingy).

Junior (power) timers

(see below). Also very suitable for engine-bay wire-wire solutions and for wire-to-board [ECM] or [. Centerline is typically (always?) 5mm

There are several types of equivalent

WBO2 Connector

This is the image for the WB02 DELPHI connector


There is also a connector available from Audi. The part number is 000-979-133-a.

Although it is likely that this housing is also manufactured at tyco, we could not find this with the tyco representative. But this means little: probably due to broken narrowing (see ConnectorSelection/Tyco) we could not find items that were known to exist.

There is a smaller, Micro-power-timer connector, "1J0 973 713". Many newer cars use this smaller connector. The sensor is otherwise the same.

Injector Connector

This is the pdf of the DELPHI version this is the same as the injector side


This is the AMP/Tyco catalog page as you can see the Junior timer and the Junior Power timer have different part #'s

here is another page

Junior Power Timer pin


Junior Timer pin


AMP/Tyco page describing the different types of Junior Timer housings

Type A (early type) Type B (slight improvement) Type C finally one with a push button clip


Should we order 2800 of type C?

The (tyco) shipping times and prices (factor of 2) vary a lot by color for these recepticle housings. MOQ=2800 (I was told 500 earlier) for all colors. Eg. the 0-0828657-6 ships in 9 weeks.

No fit on my 1998 Honda Civic injectors

Let me note that the (C-type) sample did not match the port injectors my Honda Civic. Anybody have links of other apparently similar but different injector-connectors?

According to [MSD] "In 1996, the year of OBD II, the wiring connector on the fuel injectors used on Honda and Acura engines was changed. Therefore, MSD's Sport Compact Injectors will not accept the factory harnesses." The connector for the MSD injectors is the "standard" type (fits Denso, Bosch, etc). [HKS] lists two injector connectors, a "2E" type and Bosch type. No pics though.

Basically from what I have to gleam about the 2pin Junior Timer connectors is they fit on most Fuel injectors and all over standard 2 wire sensors from Bosch. JasonRussell stated that both the junior timer and Junior Power Timer both fit nicely on the standard Bosch injectors. The drawings shows the pins are the same.

The connectors are manufactured by AMP and designated

"junior timer" or "junior power timer". The two are inter-changeable, but

the power timer version is better;the terminal design is a lot more robust.

Note though that the terminals are not interchangeable across ranges - only

use "power timer" terminals in "power timer" housings and vice versa.

Sizes covered include 2,3,4,5,7 way and also larger

15,25 and 35way which are used on the ECU (25 for Ljet)

Part numbers for power timer housings:

2way - 282189-1

3way - 282191-1

4way - 282192-1

5way - 282193-1

HELP needed Tyco buying list

We must make a tyco buying list. Please help to fill in part numbers (and product links if you're there!) of all necessary items (we have JPT recepticles, maybe that can be left for later)

I will have to query exact terms (price, MOQ, shipping time), so those cannot be considered for now. Naturally, it can have items not needed now: just to query.

JPT receptacle:, 1.4-2.1mm isolation, no seal,tin plated,964283-2(CuSn?4) 964283-1(CuFe?2)

I found a local supplier that can ship most accessories used for automotive stuff: rather expensive, fast, but MOQ=1

It would be nice if anything they stock was orderable. The hard part is to import their article-master into our facility (ofbiz). I got the prices electronically, but only color paper catalog: lotsof scanning needed. I think we only import (manually) the fuse and relay boxes for now.


Catalog for many GM, Ford and Chrysler connector pigtails: