VEMS related [irc] (chat) #vems on "EFNET" irc network

is NOT thematically organized (and does NOT meet [support requirements], but still useful in some cases), similarly to other channels:

It is a good idea to maintain a MembersPage for each project, and update it after chatting about it ... "thanx for the info, I updated ... accordingly". People appreciate that (and have a chance to update later with even better info !).

#vems IRC channel on EFNET network

There are many IRC clients for Linux, android and win32, eg. [xchat]

Or try some "Web irc login/client"

Note: some behind a non-masquerading firewall (eg. from "work") cannot access this. httptunnel can be used, but it requires a remote hts (server-end) running for the htc (client-end) to connect to. We have the server where we can run hts, yell if you need it.

CGI-irc gateway useful for anyone behind firewall (works from browser)

When making queries, the best way is to write the setup/problem in wiki (often under MembersPage) and ask on irc copypasting the wiki link (except for the most simple questions when the wiki query might be useless - not interesting for others - if the question is answered right away).

Remember that anything written on irc will be lost ("formatting" is too noisy, so almost noone reads the whole irclog) so if something deserves to stay, it should be in wiki (or in version tracking system like CVS or SubVersionSvn).

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