This page helps to maintain some checklist (and list) related to buildroot configuration, for the purpose of small form-factor, lightweight, low power logger and network device (and possibly display).

Finally the "all-x86" nightmare is coming to an end, and some devices are now available with reasonable power consumption for the executed tasks.

Useful ARM devices (quadcore + GPU + service processor > 20 GFlops total)

Useful peripherals

Buildroot packages and notes

RO (readonly) root filesystem

It is highly recommended to use readonly root filesystem, and mount separate partitions for logging. Always minimize writes to SD cards.

Mount the filesystem with "noatime" option if mouning rw, if writes are really necessary.

Das u-boot

Buildroot can boot rather quickly, but some u-boot tuning might be needed to boot under 10 seconds (it takes a lot of time before kernel is actually started).