Vinyl stickers science :-)

Since the stickers are cut, there is no background. The characters are individual, but the stick-on procedure ensures proper alignment without much effort.

[instructions in Swedish]

Things to consider during logo design for stickers:

New logo - The only official logo.

New version of the logo from the original artist Christian Drake:


Various vector formats:

The VEMS logo has an optical illusion tricking our brain. At the bottom of the E and M there appears a horizontal white (background color) line, that is not actually there

Old logo highlights "MS" (VERY bad), also the original logo was very unbalanced. -Jörgen

The vector version is needed. The cutter partner likes postscript.

Cutters (for some reason) don't like hundreds of small segments, but prefer longer curves. The original .ps was fine (after manually removing the spelling error "managment" text from the .ps file), while the (from .ps not properly converted) .dwg was not.

Old logo - should NOT be used on any stickers or new web pages.

VEMS text on the PCB


Color selection

We heard opinions that the diffuse materials are more exclusive than the shiny counterparts. On the shiny surface, you can see some reflection of a direct light-source.

The colors look much nicer in reality than on the scanned image.

In the new batch, metallic is only 30% more expensive than regular colors.

Votes ?

Old run:

Who designed this logo? Is it possible to append ".hu" ? It's OK if font is not exactly the same, or if the appended ".hu" is slightly smaller.