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Firmware upgrade

Intuitive from VemsTune (Tools / firmware webtool)

Firmware upgrade does not change the WBO2 and EGT calibration configuration saved in EEPROM.

Firmware upgrade with VemsTune


( if the old firmware is AIM-capable VT need to set Round to Boot mode manually -> see AfreshTiny/FirmwareUpgrade/SsssssFlood )

or manually ( VemsTune/ManuallyFirmwareDownload ) vt_fw_up.JPG vt_fw_dg.JPG

Firmware upgrade with command line tools

Go up a directory, you can upgrade with:
  • "UploadFirmware?.bat" You need to edit this, and adjust to your COMx port:
  • eg. change COM3 => COM2 (whatever applies):
  • roundloader.exe -p COM3 -s 19200 -f round.chex -c write
  • We shiped pre configured batch files for COM3 and COM4
The following image shows how to look a successfull firmware upload:


Supported windows versions

Roundloader.exe seems to work on win32 systems from w98 to XP (and likely newer), if COM-port is otherwise working:

Supported Linux method ... Oldschool firmware upgrade method - for experts only Works (similar to BootLoader) with new (included in the zip) version (PERL and serialport module required, NOT included). only recommended on linux, or if roundloader does not work for some reason. Ask for a linux roundloader native executable if you need it.

Recover from interrupted firmware upgrade

Normally, this should NOT be necessary.

For round, if firmware upgrade is interrupted, the serial loopback method will NOT work. Either it will stay in bootloader by itself, or only 'S' flooding will work:

Revert to default config (wbo2, EGT, etc...)

Avoid this ! Only do it if variables seem to be badly misconfigured.

This procedure should not normally be necessary. It reverts to wbo2_pump_pw_zero=0x65 and egt_offset=0xC0 so you might want to recalibrate: