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Using [Display-Only Round] or [full featured Round] to display data sent by the v3 (or other AIM-dash compatible) ECU

This means that it's unnecessary to purchase and install a 2nd set of sensors - a significant saving of ~150..300 EUR.


Round provides better readibility than an LCD for the most important parameters like


Important: please follow the steps precisely. Consult the [vemstune help], also available from the vemstune program. Start there.

VemsTune support is implemented.

Install Firmware

Installation of an AIM capable firmware is the same as a Non-Aim Firmware, see AfreshTiny/FirmwareUpgrade

Default config

A default config is available at VemsTune/defaultfirmwareconfigs directory

or at for MegaTune

You can use it as a starting config, but never forget to write down to a paper your calibration values (egt_cal, egt_offset, wbo2_pump_pw_zero,

wbo2_nernstdc_target ) and set it up after config upload.

Displayed values

Display state (mode) can be switched with the button (if button is enabled, see AfreshTiny/AnalogInput): 8 sets of top/bottom values can be configured


Setting v3 ECU with VemsTune to send AIM stream


Setting Round with VemsTune to receive and display AIM values:

Follow the steps at VemsTune Help:

AIM protocol

  • Aim realtime data types and numbers:

OLD method with Megatune (not recommended)

Setting Round with megatune to display data received via AIM

Round firmware must be newer than 2008-08

with Megatune:

(You will find in the round firmware's uzipped directory)

mt_aim_ena.JPG mt_aim_set.JPG
  • There exists configuration (aim channel and Ax+B linear transformation) for 2 top (T0,T1), and 2 bottom values (B2,B3)
  • Channel x num: there you can choose the number what to show as Tx
  • Channel x mul(%): the data from ECU has different format, with this value you can multiplicate ( 0..2X )
  • Channel x add: the data from ECU has different format, with this value you can add offset
  • Zero means 8192 so you can incrase or decrase value with 8192
  • Channel x dot: the data from ECU has different format, with this value you choose where to show the dot



from round => genboard (eg. button for launch or table-config-switch?) is not currently planned.

The genboard firmware internal CLT temperature representation was -40..+102C. Around 1.1.4x it was changed to max +155C. Sending via aim does not change the


Because I use right now only 4 slots, is it possible to make disable other fields that I do not use. Yes it's not something wery important... but it wold be a lot easyer not to go over other 4 that I do not use to get back to first one.

VemsRoundAimCustomSlots - displaying converted values from aim stream