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Using [Display-Only Round] or [full featured Round] to display data sent by the v3 (or other AIM-dash compatible) ECU

This means that it's unnecessary to purchase and install a 2nd set of sensors - a significant saving of ~150..300 EUR.


Round provides better readibility than an LCD for the most important parameters like


Important: please follow the steps precisely. Consult the [vemstune help], also available from the vemstune program. Start there.

VemsTune support is implemented.

Install Firmware

Installation of an AIM capable firmware is the same as a Non-Aim Firmware, see AfreshTiny/FirmwareUpgrade

Default config

A default config is available at VemsTune/defaultfirmwareconfigs directory

or at for MegaTune

You can use it as a starting config, but never forget to write down to a paper your calibration values (egt_cal, egt_offset, wbo2_pump_pw_zero,

wbo2_nernstdc_target ) and set it up after config upload.

Displayed values

Display state (mode) can be switched with the button (if button is enabled, see AfreshTiny/AnalogInput): 8 sets of top/bottom values can be configured


Setting v3 ECU with VemsTune to send AIM stream


Setting Round with VemsTune to receive and display AIM values:

Follow the steps at VemsTune Help:

AIM protocol

  • Aim realtime data types and numbers:

OLD method with Megatune (not recommended)

Setting Round with megatune to display data received via AIM

Round firmware must be newer than 2008-08

with Megatune:

(You will find in the round firmware's uzipped directory)

mt_aim_ena.JPG mt_aim_set.JPG
  • There exists configuration (aim channel and Ax+B linear transformation) for 2 top (T0,T1), and 2 bottom values (B2,B3)
  • Channel x num: there you can choose the number what to show as Tx
  • Channel x mul(%): the data from ECU has different format, with this value you can multiplicate ( 0..2X )
  • Channel x add: the data from ECU has different format, with this value you can add offset
  • Zero means 8192 so you can incrase or decrase value with 8192
  • Channel x dot: the data from ECU has different format, with this value you choose where to show the dot



from round => genboard (eg. button for launch or table-config-switch?) is not currently planned.

The genboard firmware internal CLT temperature representation was -40..+102C. Around 1.1.4x it was changed to max +155C. Sending via aim does not change the


Because I use right now only 4 slots, is it possible to make disable other fields that I do not use. Yes it's not something wery important... but it wold be a lot easyer not to go over other 4 that I do not use to get back to first one.

Any chance to add more AIM CustomX? slots?

5 available currently (some in top, others on bottom display).

It would be nice to see more (8..10..16) to fill all slots/display sections with custom AIM data.

  • All the default channels are useless in my opinion (except for wheelspeed). Being able to assign custom channels allows you to do maths (like MAP > PSI or BAR, or LAMBDA to AFR, or define Fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, etc...) all of these quickly add up the custom slots quickly.

My AIM stream is coming from VEMS currently. The modification I'm asking for is to make at least double or more of the AIM Custom slots, it will allow much more freedom. AfreshTiny is great, but with the addition of inputs and new AIM stream data support in ECU, the gauge FW is lacking.

Thanks! MembersPage/Sascha