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=== Under Development & Brain Storming Area ===

Post links below to topics that are in discussion for development and future ideas. Many of the sections below are permanent links because they are always being improved.

==== Specific Areas ====

These are predefined areas for development. A lot can go on in short amounts of time.


:GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/VerThree - this has stabilized well: v3.2 is almost same as v3.0 feature-wise, only quality, assembly level and quantitiy (user-friendlyness) went up.



:VemsFrontier/ARM - the HOT area

:WideBand/UnderDevelopment - I cannot see much to develop here either, maybe it ment AfreshTiny ?






:OtherUses (crazy applications ideas)

==== Topics for Discussion ====

These are areas that have not developed to the degree that the above areas have, and may not have their own sub pages at this time. Try to keep things in a neat order until that happens.






:CommonRail (Diesel) Injection

:LPGandBiFuel Injection


check SiteIndex and browse around, discussion can be about anything.

:RestrictedArea note that (though most of the information is public) some info is restricted to developers, shopkeepers etc...


:UnderDevelopment/WiKi development of our communication tools