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2017-08-18 14:56:34 . . . . MembersPage/JasonRussell [Hardware setup, some canbus info, more questions than answers at the moment]

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ECU Config:

2+6 Ignition Channels (Fires coils with logic level)

2 VVT solenoids (low side driver, can use 2 IGBT channels)

1 VR crank

2 Hall cam sensors (so you need third trigger)

1 PWM idle valve (Spare injector channel)

1 PWM boost solenoid (Spare injector channel)

WBO2, of course. Usually LSU4.9 style

Dual knock sensor (optional)

EGT as you like

Internal 400kpa map sensor style you like (nipple or pneumatic tube in 6/4mm or 5/3mm)

Dash and Haldex use canbus data, not well documented yet. Tach *should* be 0x280 byte

Haldex uses RPM, TPS, and Load data from CANBUS - may use speed too? Not sure if speed is fed on the bus from the ECU or ABS/other device.

RPM = 0x280 byte

TPS = 0x280 byte 6 (0x00 to 0xFA range) - this may be pedal position, not tested to control haldex yet as of August 2017

Load is calculated in OEM ECU.