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VemsTune Tweaks

I have created this area to keep track of tweaks to VemsTune configuration files I have made.


Config Sanity check throws up unnecessary warning

*Advance change max advance should be less than or equal to 4 degrees. Please check iac_ign_advance_limit

**iac-ign_advance_limit and iac_ign_retard_limit both set to 5 degrees (+-5 degrees) as per OEM specification. No warning needed.

Caution Before editing any of VemsTune configuration files, make a backup of the original file.

*Edit ConfigCriteria?.xml found in config folder of VemsTune root directory

**Change the following enrty

<Rule key="iacIgnAdvLim" warningMsg="Advance Change max Advance should be less than or equal 4 degrees">

<Item type="warning"><![CDATA[ iac_ign_advance_limit > 16 ]]></Item>

<ErrorDetail?><![CDATA[ Advance Change max Advance should be less than or equal 4 degrees. <br> $MENU_LINK </a> ]]>

*Replace 4 with 5 and 16 with 20

*Save file


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