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BMW S50B32 Vanos subsystem

4 * PFETs (controlled by logically neighbor p259 outputs) are used to drive VANOS solenoids (2 intake + 2 exhaust).


wires for Advance / retard solenoids

With EC36 install, one just connects the output A and output B as suggested by [VT help], swapping wires if necessary

* however, with a mot88 frontplate, and factory harness, swapping the (p259 controlled PFET related) outputs / wires is inconvenient, and should NOT be necessary.

[Pieter from DP-engineering] professional installer and reseller kindly reported he diagnosed he swapped physically and acquired perfect VANOS target-follow behavior

* GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges with 1.2.40 2018-02-06 fw when inverting the vanos outputs, it will result in swapped advance/retard, like:

* p259/3-2 instead of 2-3

* p259/5-4 instead of 4-5.

Might be useful with the 4xPFET addon board on top of mot88 mainboard (depending on how the signals, p259 outputs are wired).

If uncertain, we will review any vemslog focusing on Vanos cam behavior. (let us know how it was wired, especially if EC36 install ).



inverting output (eg. with fw that really inverts, eg. fw different than 1.2.40 2018-02-06) is not the same for dual VANOS as swapping the advance and retard solenoid wires.

* Similar if way off-target, but different behavior near-target. (it "somewhat seemsto work", but not good target-campos-follow)

* During mot88 install/tune if you diagnose cam retard / advance, please

* With any EC36/EC18 ECU always connect the right advance/retard (swapping physically if needed)

** especially with p259/.. controlled NFET (not S50B32 but some other BMW or non-BMW head) invert really needed (to be clear: do not use the 2018-02-06 1.2.40 fw),

To get perfect VANOS result, we recommend to do what is really needed, not the other action:

* swap (EC36 wires or in config with fw 1.2.40 2018-02-06 for mot88 S50B32 only)

* or invert (only with p259 controlled NFETS, not for S50B32)

** how to know ? unlike S50B32 where VANOS is controlled by PFETs; NFET means that the solenoid gets constant +12V, and GND is switched by the driver.

** If "low current" output selected in VT: then "p259/.." controlled



* Most of the MembersPage/BMW S50B32 are with standard VEMS ECU with econoseal (NOT mot88 frontplate)

** MembersPage/RijaRobinson/SFiftyBthirtyTwoVanos also EC36 install