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What do I have change to make this 3.8 pcb to work with a flex fuel sensor.

We need to connect to port SCL so is this protected and can we connect and do nothing more?

Also normally wheel speed 2 is wired to EC36 pin 30 but this pin is trased to p259 so do I have to cut that trace and wire SCL to EC36 pin 30 directly?

Thank you

How to connect GenBoard/VerThree/FlexFuel sensor to the "SCL" of v3.8 pcb

* note: 2nd wheelspeed available on pin if ECU ordered with 2nd wheelspeed, eg EC10/pin6 below (or is that a separate project ? Please never mix different projects on same page, please create separate page)

** check the paper docs received with the device.

** Safe to feed frequency or other 0-5V signal with 1k to unknown EC10 or other pins (and see wheelspeed [analog input] reactions in VemsTune)

See GenBoard/VerThree/Schematic to connect to port SCL

* check in the schematic which AVR pin, and measure if at least the protection resistor is there. [On v3.8 filter and protection is embedded in PCB]

* see InputTrigger/WheelSpeed Second Wheelspeed input and any references, eg. SubaruEj

* Note: normally wheel speed 2 is wired to EC36 pin 30

** this pin also goes to p259

** no NEED to cut the p259 trace, the p259 output does NOT pull to GND (or do anything) if not activated.

** so wiring SCL to EC36 pin 30 can be done without tracecut.

** only start any such modification if willing to follow the schematic to verify any hint, and avoid static electricity damage