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2017-04-11 06:56:23 . . . . static.kpn.net [annotated firmware 1.2.38 compile date 04-11 changes]
2017-03-15 02:51:25 . . . . static.kpn.net [annotated 1.2.38 03-14 changes, upgrade of excisting 1.2.38 installations advise]
2017-02-15 02:44:03 . . . . static.kpn.net [latest 1.2.38 changes outlined]
2017-02-07 07:18:27 . . . . static.kpn.net [revoked 1.2.35, obsoleted by 1.2.36]
2017-02-06 09:38:15 . . . . static.kpn.net [shiftcut hotfix new 1.2.38 firmware available]
2017-02-05 05:00:16 . . . . static.kpn.net [added firmware 1.2.38 matching VemsTune package]
2017-02-02 06:26:03 . . . . static.kpn.net [updated 1.2.38 changes/highlights]
2017-02-02 03:46:59 . . . . static.kpn.net [added firmware 1.2.38 changes/highlights]
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Changes by last author:

1.2.38 for testing fw and new VT ini with expert supervision
[1.2.38] for testing fw and new VT ini with expert supervision; make sure to use the matching [VemsTune-2017-02-05 ] package

compile time 2017-04-11:

* SD logging

** bugfix: fixed an issue where VT could not read logs from SD in TF mode.

compile time 2017-03-14:

* Idle control

** bugfix: fixed an issue where IAC 485Hz PWM frequency together with dual output configuration could lead to task overload.

compile time 2017-02-14:

* Aim ERRORS (125) channel

** baro problem replaced by SD logging active

compile time 2017-02-06 16:25:

* Shiftcut

** hotfix: when deactivation time 1020 is set-> enable on input active; removed 120msec delayed deactivation

compile time Febr 5 or older:

* NEW function -> [Traction Control]:

** dual wheel speed slip based absolute/relative with configurable enable speed

** 4 types of independently configurable torque reduction strategies (enrich, retard or spark/fuel cut (skip cycles))

* Launch control

** allow launch switch always ON (without affecting idle control), launch will only activate when near the start rpm range

** added launch boost anytrim optionally also applied to launch boost target

** added launch control range for enrich/retard increase configurable

** added launch (re)enable/disable speed configurable even when curve based mode is disabled

** downsized launch curve from 8 to 4 bins, Traction control can optionally take over when past the glide from start

** bugfix: launch boost target is only applied when below (re)enable speed (even when curve mode used)

* Boost Control:

** added RPM bins independent from Lambda table for Boost Target vs RPM mode

* N2O Control:

** added option to disable n2o during shiftcut

* Anytrim input channels:

** added Lambda-Target: Measured Lambda substracted by Target Lambda, effectively difference from target; usefull for safety functions like lower revlimit if engine running lean

** added Lambda-Target TPSx: Difference from Lambda target scaled by TPS saturates at x TPS%, scaling 0% when TPS below idle_tps_threshold

** added Lambda-Target MAPx: Difference from Lambda target scaled by MAP saturates at x MAP kPa, scaling 0% when MAP below fuelcut_min_kpa

** added NERNST 1 (ADC1), KNOCK (ADC6) & NERNST 2 (ADC7) can be used as anytrim input

* Input switch channels (for switch based enable functions):

** added THRD TRIG (SDA), WSPEED 2 (SCL), WSPEED 1 (INT6) & SEC TRIG (IC3) can be used for input switch functions if not used for trigger/wheelspeed

** added NERNST 1 (ADC1), KNOCK (ADC6) & NERNST 2 (ADC7) can be used for input switch functions

* NEW function -> [Analog input multiplexer]:

** added analog input calibration for muxed channels and allow selection for use everywhere

* NEW function -> [Analog input filtering]:

** configurable exponentially weighted moving average filtering can be applied to all mcp and demuxed_mcp configured independently per channel

* Idle control

** added 485Hz IAC PWM frequency

** bugfix: Simple On/Off mode hardware settings added in VT

* Idle AC-Control:

** added support for selectable pressure sensor input with configurable lockout voltages for AC over pressure and AC low pressure with fixed hysteresis of 0.196V

** added support for selectable fan speed selection when when AC On

* AIM stream output:

** added generation and output of channels OILPRESSURE (9), OILTEMP (13), FUELTEMP (109), FUELPRESSURE (21), ERRORS (125)

** added selectable predefined calibrations and channel inputs for AIM pressure channels

** added selectable predefined calibrations and channel inputs for AIM temperature channel

** ERRORS (highbyte) has function activation states: ALS, Launch, Shiftcut, n2o, Traction Control, Injector stage 2, Idle, Ego

** ERRORS (lowbyte) has error states: o2 not ready, trigger error state, config slot active, baro problem, engine knocking, warning light state

* Misc Outputs:

** added predefined hysteresis on all windowed configurable input variables; 200 RPM, TPS 1.95%, MAP 4 kPa

** added predefined hysteresis on all extra configurable input variables; MAT/CLT 4 degC, EGT 32 degC, SPEED 4 km/h, Launchtime 0.0s

* WOT/RPM outputs:

** added predefined hysteresis on all input variables; 200 RPM, TPS 1.95%

* NEW function -> [Radiator outlet temp sensor]

* Fan Control:

** added selectable input source (also changes control mode) coolant, radiator outlet or delta coolant radiator outlet

** added support for Dual Relay based Fan control with 1 second lockout time between output adjustments

** added support for Temic and VAG J293 PWM controlled external amplifiers

** added configurable fan disable above wheel speed

* Water Pump:

** added selectable input source coolant, radiator outlet

* Fuel Pump:

** added PWM fuel pump control with configurable PWM output scaling by fuel requirement

* Triggers/Wheel speed:

** SUBARU_TRIGGER4_ANGLE allow cam trigger edge selection rising/falling on wheel speed 2

* configurable fuel enrich, igncut and retard for slip (driven wheelspeed / undriven wheelspeed)

** previously possible via anytrim channels (this way freed for other purposes)

** remember to configure 2 controlled chamshafts (not 4 controlled camshafts) in VT motorsport menu (~third trigger configs)

[1.2.35] - soon, for testing and capturing vemslogs with expert supervision
[1.2.35] - obsoleted by 1.2.36

has known problem of mcp3208 sampling freeze, revoked

** BMW s65 is aready in racing competition in the UK, owner reported car running much better than on the stock management. Final 430hp (e85) with factory NA engine (also on same dyno measured better than stock, which is rare for NA engines: BMW tunes them quite well) : at least it confirms good behaviour (on car) of the 1.2.34 firmware with 4 cam control + CAN. Needless to say, this setup is for experienced installers.
** BMW s65 is already in racing competition in the UK, owner reported car running much better than on the stock management. Final 430hp (e85) with factory NA engine (also on same dyno measured better than stock, which is rare for NA engines: BMW tunes them quite well) : at least it confirms good behaviour (on car) of the 1.2.34 firmware with 4 cam control + CAN. Needless to say, this setup is for experienced installers.
[1.1.85] - released

* auditrigger divby2 changed to divbyANY

** toothrel_missing=01 for divby2

** toothrel_missing=19 for divby26

** toothrel_missing=1a for divby27

** with auditrigger 11000 RPM could be reached earlier (in benchtests) using divby27. Not 25500 RPM as with lower toothcounts, but sufficient.

** note: auditrigger divby3 (which is used in hundreds of 135 tooth audi engines) maintains compatibility

[1.1.84] - not released. Benchtests first before uploading to the real thing

* anti theft iButton function, see ButtonImmobilizer for details (also related to anti-flooding SafetyMode in 1.1.83)

* Wheelspeed measures faster (lower time-constant used in internal software filter)

** second wheelspeed input implemented, see: InputTrigger/WheelSpeed

* New LCD page (page 10)

** I have been running/driving on 1.1.84 all day today, it is running well. I cannot test speedsensor response speed (my car is too slow!) until I install in race car this weekend. KevinBlack?

** false-positive trigger-"errors" under certain conditions. Operation not effected.

[1.1.83] - was used for VIP-testing. Will not be released

* anti-flooding SafetyMode implemented for firmware upload.

* config/table switch modifications, see [VemsTune help ] for more details

[1.1.81] - Released

* got many positive feedback.

** upgrade properly (always upload config after upgrade - even an unrelated old config from a very different setup is better than nothing). Do not even try to set everything manually. It will not work !

* easily configurable injection angle

* better trigger-error indication

** we'll work for more graceful handling of trigger errors (related to injection-angle)

** some false-positive trigger-error got introduced in 1.1.80 when the new sectrig window was reworked, not fully fixed even in 1.1.81. It only effected the reported flag, not actual operation. Sorry about the inconvenience. Only report such false-positive if also happens in 1.1.84 or newer.

* VVT (variable valve timing) reimplemented (not using anything from the old code). Only 1 control loop now, but target table reserved for 2nd control loop too.

** only for missing-tooth+camsync trigger ! Eg. coiltype or subarutrigger not (yet) supported

[1.1.80] - NOT released (1.1.81 or newer is recommended)

* easily configurable injection end-angle (angular position when the injector output switches off) in function of RPM

** mostly matters at low load loadsites with aggressive cam engines. With a port-injected audi 20-VT (with cyl1 injector output in same position as cyl1 ignition output) smoothest idle and best throttle-reaction was achieved around 300 ATDC = 420 BTDC (was not very sensitive to precise adjustment, a window of at least +-30 degrees)

** secondary-trigger need to be configured as cam-sync for inj-angle to work properly. Without camsync (eg. with a missing tooth wheel) after startup, the chance for the sweet half is 50% at best.

[1.1.79] - will not be released

* better low-RPM cranking behavior. Display calculated RPM (reading not stick to 100) well below 100 RPM. Also lowered min RPM for expected behaviour output actuation. Ign and inj outputs off below that. 28-70 RPM for most triggers (if signal is reasonably good). The real minimum RPM also depends on cylinder count, HW setup and trigger type and setup.

** the price is +1/2 crankrot to get initial sync in most situations.

* config12=20 (bit5=1) means wheelspeed is sent in km/h in the AIM packet

** config12=00 means wheelspeed is sent in 0.1 km/h (VEMS internal value *10) as in the [aim specs] . Fero says that unfortunately the AIM display does not follow the AIM specs, so AIM display shows 10 times higher than the sent value interpreted in 0.1km/h

** to enable/disable this divby10 one needs to upload small config12=20 configfile manually, or use 2010-06-28 or newer VT (or apply http://www.vems.hu/files/pacsa/aim_wheelspeed_patch.zip ini files to recent VT)

* known bug: no TPS update under certain circumstances (harder to reproduce in real engine, easier on bench)

[1.1.78] - release candidate

* note: coiltype withOUT camsync (c008 distributer) that didn't sync earlier also passed tests

* stop the coolant-fan during cranking if RPM < cranking threshold

* Subaru 36-2-2-2 support with camsync InputTrigger/SubaruThirtySixMinusTwoMinusTwoMinusTwo

** the code was backported to experimental/1.1.76 (see 1.1.76 below)

* InputTrigger/TriggerLog changed so secondary trigger pulse timestamps (if secondary trigger is enabled) are also sent throu