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VEMS Wideband O2/EGT Sensor

You have to ask yourself: "Can I afford not to "know" what's happening with my engine's fuel and ignition?"
Knowledge "is'' Power. No matter if you have a high-boost track monster, nitrous oxide boosted drag racer or a fast road car ''knowing'' your Air fuel ratio is an essential factor in getting the optimum power and reliablity from your engine. Add to this the essential information you can gain about your ignition timing from the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) you can ensure that your safely within your engine components operating range and limit the danger of detonation. So take the guess work out of the engine management setup.
The VEMS Wideband 02/EGT sensor will give you the information you require to obtain the optimum performance when mapping your engine management system and give you peace of mind when ever you use that performance. [INSERT AFR GRAPH HERE] Up until recently Wide Band Systems were beyond the means of most of us, the controller costs were high, and the sensors were delicate and prone to failure. Needing a Wide band that they could use for their own engine management project, the VEMS team designed a microprocessor controlled guage that uses the low-cost, reliable Bosch LSU-4 sensor, and because the EGT and AFR are so interlinked they decided to package them in a single guage.
The LSU-4's range is wide enough to accurately measure the AFR of the richest alcohol engines to through to free-air. The VEMS Wideband electronics and software controlling the LSU-4 sensor is accurate enough to measure to within 1% of a commercial 6-gas analyser. The control and display electronics fit inside a standard 52mm guage, which makes for a simple installation as there is no additional control module. There is no setup or configuration necessary. Just connect the fused power and ground cables to suitable points in your car and plug in the Wideband and optional EGT sensor.
Kit description:
    VEMS Wideband consists of:
  • AFR Guage in a standard 52mm fitment.
  • Bosch LSU-4 Lamba sensor.
  • Complete wiring loom with fused power cable, sensor and multifunciton cable.
  • Guage mounting hardware.
  • Optionally: Exhaust Gas Temperature sensor with temperature compensated cable.
  • Wideband Oxygen sensor control and display.
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature sensor display.
  • Narrow Band sensor output to provide your ECU with the standard lambda feed back it needs for its closed-loop operation.
  • RPM input to provide context for datalogging.
  • Boost sesnsor input for datalogging and
  • 5A solenoid driver, to control Boost or N2O solenoid.
  • Serial (RS232) connection providing datalogging to PC and Field upgradeable software.

VEMS Wideband O2/EGT Guage complete with Wideband sensor.

249 EUR

K-Type thermocouple including temperature compensated cable and plug, threaded bung and compression fitting

59.7 EUR